Be Your Own Reality

Do you ever find your self in that situation were you just despise someone? You envy them so much to a point were you find yourself stalking them and busy on their social media looking at what they are up to. It’s funny how we waste a certain amount of our time daily looking at someones social page, you perhaps don’t even like the person but you are wasting your time stalking them.

Chances are you personally don’t know each other and they are not even aware of your existance. You have a clouded mind all day thinking of what you saw about them, that new Gucci bag and shoes they have and how happy they look. You end up thinking of owning those things and feeling depressed cause you can’t have them, all while looking past your REALITY. You don’t have those simply cause you can’t afford them and you are having yourself worked up, you’re hating on them so much it’s consuming you from inside and it’s consuming your time. A day can’t go by without you paying a visit to their social media.

While hating on them, most of the time they are not affected if not all the time. They are busy living their lives and going about their daily routin without a single thought of you because you don’t exist to them. Sad right? Thinking of someone that doesn’t know about your existence? Maybe you should go right ahead and introduce yourself. Just so they know you exist because high chances are, they dont care? They are busy sleeping peacefully at night while you are awake all night thinking and dreaming about them.

You are having a bad day because your mind is clouded with so much hate, so much negativety and all the bad things. You wont even need someone to make your life miserable because you are working very hard doing it yourself. You start seeing life as unfair or bad because you are depressed and you allowed little things to get to you.

You should probably get out of that dark place you took yourself and work towards bettering yourself, setting better goals for your self, facing your ‘current situation’ and sticking to it, because you can not be wanting things you see people having if you go days without having a decent meal in just one month. Keep your self busy with what you are supposed to do and think positive always.

Forget what other people are up to, aslong as it occupies your mind more than it’s supposed to, it is not good for you. Clear your conscious by thinking positively and don’t waste your time focusing on things that don’t matter to you.

Minding your business is very important and not wasting your time on things that bring you down is essential for a positive life.


Above all, don’t play yourself 😊


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